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NNEdPro’s Nutrition Research and Innovation Consortium brings together key strengths of the existing collaboration between the laboratory capabilities of Ray (Vascular Nutrition) and Del Rio (Dietary Bioactives), with the addition of promising new collaborations i.e. performance studies and Obesity/Metabolic Medicine. These form four pillars of specialist capability, knowledge and skills enabling primary research studies and generation of new evidence within the overlap of these four domains:

A ‘flagship’ project facilitated by the CRL from 2017-18 onwards, would interrogate unanswered and critical questions around diet, obesity and cardiometabolic risk through a multi-arm Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT), centred around an existing multidisciplinary (Doctor-Dietitian-Nurse-Psychologist) ‘Intensive Weight Management Programme’ (IWMP) that has been developed in Cambridge and forms a novel and effective component of the regional NHS Obesity service (clinically led by A Park, with service/evaluation input by S Ray). The IWMP comprises a 6-9 month phased diet combined with intensive medical-dietetic-lifestyle-psychology intervention/monitoring, leading to significant weight loss, particularly in morbid peri-bariatric patients. Based on evaluation of the IWMP by NNEdPro, there are unanswered questions around why weight loss does not necessarily translate to proportionate shifts in vascular risk. In addition, adding exercise and dietary bioactive interventions to modulate vascular risk in this population has not been investigated, representing untapped potential to improve treatments and health outcomes. We intend to investigate the potentially additive vascular/health effects of IWMP with exercise, polyphenols and probiotics.

Consortium of labs Nutrition and Vascular Studies Platform – Cardiovascular Risk – Ray Lab LS9 Platform – Dietary Bioactives (Phytochemicals) Studies – Del Rio Lab Greenbeat Platform – Human Performance (Diet and Exercise) Studies – Lamprecht Lab Addenbrookes Hospital Platform – Obesity/Metabolic Medicine – Park Lab & Clinic

We are always looking for interested individuals or orgnaisations who share our research interests as outlined above. If you would like to commission or collaborate on a specific research project that utilises our capabilities please do contact us. 


We also provide ample opportunities to deserving students, interns or scholars who may wish to undertake a piece of research including both undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation projects. If you are interested please contact us.