Key Representatives: Nutrition Research and Innovation Consortium

Joint Scientific & Strategic Research Leads

Prof Shumone Ray – NNEdPro Executive Director

Prof Daniele Del Rio – NNEdPro Scientific Director (Non-Executive)


Joint Scientific & Strategic Research Deputies

Dr Giuseppe Grosso – NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel Principal Advisor

Dr Rajna Golubic – NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel Principal Advisor


Scientific Research & Operational Support Team 

Pauline Douglas – NNEdPro Principal Visiting Research Associates

Dr Kathy Martyn – NNEdPro Principal Visiting Research Associates

Dr Suzana Al Moosawi – NNEdPro Senior Visiting Research Associate*

Maria Korre – NNEdPro Senior Visiting Research Associate

Sammyia Ashraf – NNEdPro Visiting Research Associate

Dr Marjorie Lima do Vale – NNEdPro Visiting Research Associate*

Dr Luke Buckner – NNEdPro Visiting Research Associate

Dr Harrison Carter – NNEdPro Visiting Research Associate

Elaine Macaninch – NNEdPro Visiting Research Associate

Jorgen Johnsen – NNEdPro Visiting Research Associate

Helena Trigueiro – NNEdPro Visiting Research Associate

Harry Jarret - NNEdPro Visiting Research Associate

Claudia Tramontt – NNEdPro Visiting Research Assistant

Mayara de Paula – NNEdPro Visiting Research Assistant*

Michael McGirr – NNEdPro Visiting Research Assistant

Kai Kargbo – NNEdPro Assistant Communications and Project Officer*

Sucheta Mitra – NNEdPro Research Applications & Agreements Lead*

Matheus Abrantes – NNEdPro Research Finance & Operations Lead*


*Core Support

NOTE: From March 2020 the NNEdPro Nutrition and COVID-19 Taskforce (Click here and scroll down to view membership) in partnership with BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health and working with key members of the NNEdPro Nutrition Research and Innovation Consortium will seek to take forward research and evidence synthesis relating to nutritional aspects of both the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 as well as related challenges including those related to food and nutrition security arising from this global crisis. A number of individuals in the Taskforce will be co-applicants/co-investigators for Nutrition and COVID-19 related research working closely with additional internal and external collaborators of NNEdPro forming bespoke project teams dedicated to each specific initiative.



Key Representatives: BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health

BMJ NPH Editorial Board



Martin Kohlmeier


Associate Editors

Kathaleen Briggs Early
Bryndís Eva Birgisdóttir 

Marilyn S. Edwards

Dagmar Hauner
Jose Luis Santos Martin

Caryl Nowson

Jeremy Woodward

Jie Zhu


BMJ NPH Management Board


NNEdPro Members

Daniele Del Rio

Giuseppe Grosso

Celia Laur

Sumantra Ray – Co-Chair


BMJ Members (including BMJ Staff in attendance)

Janet O’Flaherty

Allison Lang – Chair

Claire Langford

Irene Rodriguez

Jennifer Thomas


NNEdPro Comms/Digital Engagement Support to BMJ NPH


Matheus Abrantes

Shane McAuliffe

Ananya Ria Roy


Key Representatives: Professional Contractors and Consultants



Abacus – Business Consultants – Ali Mukhtar

Avirtual – Business and Marketing Support – Sarah Rade and David Stevens

Homerton College Conferencing – Cambridge Events

Wolfson College Conferencing – Cambridge Events

Cam Trade Marks & IP Services – Legal Advice – Roman Chalij

Crossley Group – Chartered Accountants – Tom Clowsley and Simone Colley

Department for International Trade - International Trade Advice – Vivish George

Functional Health – Communications Advice – Ben Atkinson

Konnexions GMBH – IT Programming – Bikram Chatterjee

Networkmods – IT Support – Richard Gibb

RCSG India – Project and Admin Support – Sanchita Banerjee, Debashis Mukherjee and Asim Manna

St Johns Innovation Centre – Registered Office and Consulting Support – Miranda Edwards and Richard Carey-Evans


Matt Harvey – Lab, Photography & Logistic Support

Mayara de Paula – Grant application & Marketing Support

Piya Sengupta – India Event Support

Cláudia Raulino Tramontt – Data Analysis Support


Key Representatives: WHO Internship Nutrition Alumni (2019)

Alina Lack

Alyssa Palmquist

Ashley Moore

Cecily Wang

Florence Munro

Hannah Bergman

Juliette Mchardy

Karolina Zhukoff

Margherita Cina

Minjoung Shin

Nagouille Ndiaye

Neha Bhaskar

Neha Dhawan

Niisoja Torto

Rachel Mathison

Rim Mouhaffel

Rishika Reddy

Sean Flannigan

Yu Zhang


Key Representatives: Cambridge ‘ICE’ Nutrition Alumni (2019)

Emma Polhill 

Tan Junjie 

Jeffery Koh 

Lidong Wang 


Key Representatives: Elsevier Essentials of Medical Nutrition (2020/21)

Joint Editors-in-Chief

Mariana Markell

Sumantra Ray


Content Co-ordinators

James Bradfield

Jørgen Johnsen 



Agnes Ayton

David Armstrong

Kristy Alderton

Kanninika Basu

Lauren Ball 

Jenny Blythe

Eleanor Beck 

Luke Buckner

Dominic Crocombe

Pauline Douglas 

Tim Eden 

Mary Feeney

Giuseppe Grosso

Sandra Holasek

Ali Ahsan Khalid

Laura Keaver

Martin Kohlmeier

Breanna Lepre 

Celia Laur

Sonja Lackner 
Dunecan Massey

Elaine MacAninch
Kathy Martyn

Sabrina Mörkl

Shane McAuliffe 

Minha Rajput-Ray
Lisa Sharkey
Pratima Singh
Jeremy Woodward

Content Reviewers

Harrison Carter 

Duane Mellor



Elsevier Publishing Team

Alexandra Mortimer

Veronika Watkins



2016 Finalist & Runner-Up: BMJ Education Team of the Year Awards

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