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New Publication: Dietitians’ Perspectives on Teaching Nutrition to Medical Students

We are happy to announce a new publication out by our GIP Co-Lead Dr Lauren Ball’s Master’s student: Emily Burch , APD on Dieticians’ perspectives on nutrition education. 

Read on below to learn more:

The provision of nutrition care by health professionals can facilitate improved patient nutrition behaviors. Some education institutions include nutrition in their medical curriculum; however, doctors and medical students continue to lack competence in providing nutrition care. Dietitians are increasingly teaching nutrition to medical students, yet evidence on the topic remains anecdotal. It is important to understand the experiences of these dietitians to support improvements in undergraduate medical nutrition education. The aim of this study was to explore dietitians’ perspectives of teaching nutrition to medical students.

Authors:Emily Burch , APD, Jennifer Crowley , PhD, Celia Laur , MSc, FHEA, RNutr, Sumantra Ray , MB, BS, PGCME, MPhil (PH), MD, FRSPH, FHEA, FACN & Lauren Ball , APD, PhD

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