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Letter of support from the Emeritus Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge

It is an honour to share a letter of support for NNEdPro from Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Chairman of Cancer Research UK. Sir Leszek is a key opinion leader who has spanned leadership of the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) and the University of Cambridge.

Following our establishment in 2008 as a university-based project group, we had the fortune of being hosted in a MRC facility for several years, before being constituted as an independent education and research organisation. Our affiliations with the University of Cambridge, as well as other academic institutions including Ulster University, Imperial College London and Parma University, have enabled collaborative research and the delivery of our flagship educational courses. In addition, our alliances with specialist organisations – the British Dietetic Association, the British Medical Journal Group, Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition, Nutrition in Medicine, the Society for Nutrition Education and Behaviour and the LGC Group – enable translation of high quality research and access to core facilities and knowledge.

As we head into our 10th anniversary year, we are thankful for these partnerships and collaborations which have enabled NNEdPro to become a Global Centre for Nutrition and Health.

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