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In-Depth Insights from the NNEdPro International Summit on Food, Nutrition and Health 


The NNEdPro International Summit on Food, Nutrition and Health is not just an event; it is a confluence of ideas, research, and collaborative efforts aimed at addressing the global challenges in nutrition and health. This year, the Summit included a series of Pre-Summit Satellite Events, each delving deep into various facets of nutrition, from economic sustainability to environmental concerns and social implications. 


Pre-Summit Satellite Event 1: APAC Regional Networks 

The APAC Regional Networks event marked an exciting start, featuring a collaboration of networks from Australia & New Zealand, South East & East Asia, and India & South Asia. The session underscored the theme of economic sustainability with innovative approaches like the OzHarvest Nourish Programme. It provided a platform for discussing technology integration in nutrition, exemplified by the overview of the food delivery app Swiggy. The session concluded with an engaging panel discussion focusing on creating actionable steps for addressing economic sustainability in these regions. 


Pre-Summit Satellite Event 2: EMEA and Central Asia Regional Networks 

This event united diverse regions, including the Middle East, Central Asia, the UK, Ireland, Pan Africa, and Europe. The presentations covered a spectrum of topics, from the impact of climate change on food systems to the psychological benefits of a Mediterranean diet. A significant highlight was the discussion on environmental sustainability, emphasising the critical nature of food and nutrition security in these regions. 


Pre-Summit Satellite Event 3: Americas Regional Networks 

This summit segment shed light on social sustainability, a crucial aspect of public health. The presentations encompassed a range of topics, including the CAN DReaM project, which delved into policy approaches for disease-related malnutrition. Another noteworthy presentation was on food insecurity in Brazil during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the urgent need for resilient food systems. 


Pre-Summit Satellite Event 4: Independent Research 

Dedicated to human intervention studies and data science, this event brought cutting-edge nutrition research. It included insights on dietary assessment techniques, the intersection of nutrition and cardiometabolic risk, and the gaps in nutrition knowledge among healthcare professionals. These discussions highlighted the importance of integrating data science and research in developing effective nutrition interventions. 


Pre-Summit Satellite Event 5: Social Enterprise 

The event covered an overview of the Mobile Teaching Kitchen Initiative (MTKi) in India, Mexico, the UK and the USA. We also discussed a few social enterprise models being utilised in our initiative worldwide and debated the current needs and next steps in this area. 


Pre-Summit Satellite Event 6: Education & Training 

This event emphasised the global scope of medical and healthcare nutrition education. It showcased the evolution and globalisation of nutrition education and the role of coalitions like the UK Nutrition Implementation Coalition in advancing this field. Discussions also covered the significance of conferences like the ANZAHPE in fostering professional development in health education. 


Pre-Summit Satellite Event 7: Future Food Institute & NNEdPro Collaboration 

The collaboration between Future Food Institute and NNEdPro marked a fascinating finale to the satellite events. It brought to the forefront the need for sustainable resourcing and interdisciplinary innovation in nutrition. The panel discussions were particularly thought-provoking, stimulating conversations on securing sustainable resources for nutrition initiatives. 


Main Summit: 9th International Summit on Nutrition and Health 

The main event was a comprehensive exploration of resourcing for sustainable food and nutrition security. The Summit's sessions covered a diverse array, encompassing discussions on the significance of food diplomacy, strategies to address food insecurity in vulnerable populations, and the crucial role of science communication in achieving food security. Each presentation contributed valuable insights into developing sustainable, healthy, and resilient food systems by way of sustainable resourcing. 


Awards and Recognitions 

The Summit was also a celebration of achievements in nutrition and health. The awards ceremony recognised individuals and groups who contributed significantly to the field. These awards underscored the importance of innovative solutions, academic research, and practical interventions in advancing global nutrition and health. Please click here to check the winners.


Looking Forward 

The NNEdPro International Summit on Nutrition and Health highlighted the current state of nutrition and health globally and paved the way for future collaborations and innovations in the field. The diverse range of topics discussed, from technological integrations in food delivery to the role of diet in mental health, reflects the multifaceted nature of nutrition and its impact on public health. 


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