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Nutrition Education Review Group 2010-18

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***This group has now closed***

A collaboration between NNEdPro and the Nutrition Education Review Group (NERG) hosted by the Department of Public Health and Primary Care, at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine.

Core Teaching Aims

In the academic year 2010-11, Cambridge University approached the NNEdPro Group to collaborate on a first round of clinical and public health nutrition teaching for 4th Year Cambridge medical students.


The teaching approach was based on that pioneered in NNEdPro phase one, when 98 medical students from 15 medical schools across England were taught these concepts during an intensive weekend course run in Cambridge. That material was used as the basis for a half day of teaching. Students were tested on their nutrition knowledge using a before and after multiple-choice test, and written feedback from the participants was also obtained.


The teaching has continued over the 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15 academic years and NNEdPro group members also contribute to Student Selected Components (SSCs). Nutrition now has a place in the clinical phase of the Cambridge Undergraduate Medical Curriculum. Students can view all relevant material in the Student Zone.

To highlight that nutrition forms an important part of a Doctor’s responsibilities.

To provide an overview of clinical and public health nutrition issues relevant to medicine.

To outline core principles and practical applications of ‘Food, Fluid and Nutritional Care’ in hospital especially:

Key members of the NNEdPro group work alongside a number of other Cambridge colleagues - both working together to contribute to this teaching.  A full list of contributors is available upon request.

- To understand the difference between nutrition screening and assessment. To understand the role of different members of the multidisciplinary team.

- Protected mealtimes.

- Nutritional screening vs assessment.

- Managing over- and under-nutrition.

- Fluids, electrolytes and micronutrients.

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