Nutritional equity and population health

The NEPH seeks to operate in three broadly clustered domains:

  • Underprivileged, marginalised and neglected populations – by instigating action research to improve nutritional health and overall wellbeing within such groups 

  • Members of the public including families with children as well as working professionals – by increasing public understanding of nutritional prevention through awareness, education and training around food choices, cooking and diet-lifestyle patterns, including occupational wellbeing programmes aimed at improving workplace productivity through adequate provision of Nutrition and Hydration

  • Nutrition Researchers, Educators and Change-Drivers – by commissioning small but impactful projects to pilot novel ideas requiring ‘first break’ funding, guidance and support via our partner charity, The International Food and Nutrition Trust

In the UK and more widely, NEPH has conducted various engagement and awareness events with schools and the public. These activities have employed inter-disciplinary collaborations and has led to the involvement of public figures to help highlight key nutrition and health related messages. Most recently this has included the Kids Kitchen Club Challenge to bring together a group of tomorrow’s changemakers to foster social action through the NNEdPro Junior Ambassadors’ Club. In addition, we have also appointed an Intercultural Ambassador to champion social messaging and public awareness of key initiatives.

In India, NEPH has led a critical mass of work in India leading to the development of mobile teaching kitchens as a model for health and social innovation in marginalised impoverished populations, which has been recognised through funding awards from the British Medical Association Charities, the Economic and Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Programme and a flagship project awarded via the Global Challenges Research Fund (2018).


A future vision around the NEPH includes working more closely with other social and humanitarian organisations.


To lessen the nutrition and health inequalities gap through building transferrable and scalable models of lean innovation and through the empowerment of marginalised populations with a focus on lesser resourced settings.

Current & RECENT work

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urban slums mobile teaching kitchen


NNEdPro aims to create a sustainable health promotion Teaching Kitchen programme, envisioned in line with the key UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Teaching Kitchen will be a mobile multi-purpose space that will serve as a community hub for malnutrition screening and prevention, health promotion, and disease prevention and a safe haven within the urban slums.


The objectives of the Teaching Kitchen programme include the following:

  • Improve awareness (Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices) of diet diversity and disease prevention

  • Measure indicators of nutritional health

  • Use cooking skills as a medium for education

  • Provide resources and signposting for food security

  • Promote social empowerment and impact preventative health


In August 2018 we launched the microenterprise phase of the Teaching Kitchen Project which has become a volunteer-led social enterprise in Kolkata. We are working with the Remedy Clinic Study Group and The Greater Calcutta Inner Wheel, along with expert advice from specialist organisations to make this project achieve impacts not only in the urban city setting (Kolkata) but now also in a rural/agricultural setting (Punjab) as well as providing a translatable model for adoption in other countries.

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