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Our Network in Morocco developed from our Scaling UP Nutrition capacity building initiative that we conducted in April 2016 in partnership with the British Council (Morocco) as well as other UK and Morocco partners in Rabat, Morocco.

NNEdPro-GIP Network in Morocco

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Read more to learn more about our Scaling UP Nutrition Initiative in collaboration with the British Council

As part of NNEdPro’s global vision and extensive research network, the NNEdPro group received funding in 2016 in collaboration with the Moroccan Ministry of Health and the British Council to build cross-disciplinary collaborations between early career nutrition researchers from both Morocco and the UK.  Through this funding, NNEdPro conducted a workshop in Rabat whose aim was to examine local nutrition research gaps and research capacity needs.  The event brought together numerous researchers, government representatives and policy makers who worked together to support the formation of a Nutrition Task Force whose ultimate goal was to raise awareness of the nutrition research needs in Morocco and help understand the central role that healthcare professionals could play in raising public health nutrition and empowering and supporting local nutrition researchers.  The workshop has subsequently resulted in receipt of further funding from UNESCO that is currently being used to develop a digital nutrition education platform targeted at healthcare professionals and which is being developed in collaboration with NNEdPro’s extensive research network.

Please click on the image below to download the Morocco Members summary for further details on the group.