In collaboration with the Moroccan Ministry of Health and the British Council, NNEdPro received funding to build collaborations between early career nutrition researchers from both Morocco and the UK.  


NNEdPro conducted a workshop in Rabat, Morocco to examine local nutrition research gaps and research capacity needs. The event brought together numerous researchers, government representatives and policy makers who worked to form a Nutrition Task Force with the ultimate goal to raise awareness of the nutrition research needs in Morocco and understand the central role of healthcare professionals in empowering and supporting local nutrition researchers.


The workshop has subsequently resulted in further funding from UNESCO that is currently being used to develop a digital nutrition education platform targeted at healthcare professionals.


Our Network in Morocco developed from our Scaling UP Nutrition capacity building initiative in April 2016. Read our article to learn more. 

Network Leads

Sumantra Ray
NNEdPro Chair
Dr Suzana Almoosawi
Network Lead
Dr Asmaa El Hamdouchi
Deputy Network Lead
Dr Mouna Habibi
Deputy Network Lead


Mei Yen Chan, UK

Gabriele Mocciaro, UK

Mike Newell, UK

Sonja Nicholson, UK

Nida Ziauddeen, UK

Hassan Aguenaou, Morocco

Amal Alla, Morocco

Leila Ammari, Morocco

Larbi Bouaiti, Morocco

Khalid El Bairi, Morocco

Amina Barkat, Morocco

Ahmed Badahi, Morocco

Rabii Baha, Morocco

Fatiha Chigr, Morocco

Khalid El Kari, Morocco

Hicham ElberrI, Morocco

Malika Hajjab, Morocco

Jaafar Heikel, Morocco

FaFma Zahra Mouzouni, Morocco

Azlaf Mehdi, Morocco

Imane Menchawy, Morocco

Benjelloun Mohammed, Morocco

Naima Otmani, Morocco

Amine Radouani, Morocco

Mahjoub Sahaba, Morocco


St. John's Innovation Centre

Cowley Road, Cambridge



2016 Finalist & Runner-Up: BMJ Education Team of the Year Awards

2015 Complete Nutrition Outstanding Achievement Award

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