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Melita Avdagovska

She is the Project Director for the WellnessRx initiative - interdisciplinary health initiative designed to address gaps in knowledge and skills regarding nutrition and physical activity. Her focus has been on project management with financial, human resources and marketing responsibilities, in addition to content development, curriculum planning and arrangement, and planning and organization of pilot studies (to date 1,500 students and healthcare professionals have participated). Furthermore, with the successful TLEF grant funding (2014/2015 competition), her focus has been on redesigning the course content and objectives through a game-based learning platform to increase learner engagement, and offer active learning opportunities with immediate feedback and thus decrease time allocations

GIP 2016 and 2017 Summit Advisory Committee


Based in Canada

Previously, she has held leadership roles in the not-for-profit sector in which she has addressed a wealth of issues, including respite care, education, and employment for people with disabilities. Her work has helped build reputation and success. Born in Macedonia, she has also lived in the United States and Morocco, and speaks several languages. She has an interest in the areas of human rights, justice, conflict resolution, and healthcare.

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