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We are an award-winning, interdisciplinary think-tank, training academy and knowledge network anchored in Cambridge which provides a centre for global excellence. Our principal hubs are in Cambridge, London, Ulster and Parma. Our international networks, including regional hubs, extend from the Americas, through Africa and South Asia to Australasia. We work via strategic partnerships and key collaborations, and also offer individual or institutional membership of our academy as well as our  networks. Our aim is to improve nutrition-related health outcomes by training professionals, strengthening research, implementing solutions and addressing inequalities, in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and Decade of Action on Nutrition 2016-2025.


Established as a University-based project group in 2008, we were subsequently hosted in a UK Medical Research Council facility before being constituted as an independent not-for-profit social enterprise. We work closely with academic institutions, through which we deliver flagship educational courses and actively undertake collaborative research. Our group also holds associate membership of Cambridge University Health Partners. We are also closely allied with specialist organisations, including the British Dietetic Association, which provides access to Dietetic expertise, overall business support and governance oversight to our operations. In 2018, along with the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Group, we became co-founders of BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health.

Academic Institutions

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Since our inception, we have worked closely with the University of Cambridge, where we held formal responsibility from 2010-18 for Nutrition in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum. From 2008 to date we continue to work with the Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust (CUHFT) where we have a capacity strengthening role in clinically related aspects of Nutrition as well as related education and research. The NNEdPro Chair holds an honorary senior appointment within CUHFT. In 2014, the NNEdPro group was awarded associate membership of Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP) which brings together a centre of excellence in knowledge based healthcare.

Over 2008-10 we operated with external funding under the umbrella of the  Cambridge Institute of Public Health and from 2010-18 we worked in close partnership with the Clinical School to lead a Nutrition Education Review Group (NERG) which oversaw Nutrition in medical education for eight years. We have formal research collaborations underpinned by shared funding awards, including UK Research Council grants awarded to the Schools of Biological Sciences as well as Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Notably, this includes a Global Challenges Research Fund award spanning 2017-2021 in which we are responsible for jointly leading a Flagship Project in the Centre of Development Studies. The NNEdPro Group formed an alliance with Wolfson College at the University of Cambridge in 2015 to act as a base for international scholarly exchange in Nutrition and since then we have hosted a series of scientific events in the College as well as having run a successful academic visitor scheme over 2015-18. The NNEdPro Chair is a Governing Body Fellow of Wolfson College and several members of the NNEdPro Core have been elected to College Membership. We also work in partnership with the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) where the NNEdPro Chair is also a Course Director in Nutrition Science. Since 2017 we have run our Foundation Certificate in Applied Human Nutrition in conjunction with ICE.



For a number of years, we have been working collaboratively with the Department of Primary care and Public Health at Imperial College London (ICL) bringing complementary strengths in applied public health and epidemiology particularly focussed on multi-ethnic populations in the UK. The ICL School of Public Health also houses a WHO collaborating centre for Public Health Education and Training. Our partnership with ICL was strengthened over 2014-16 and subsequently formalised with the award of an Honorary Visiting Professorship to the NNEdPro Chair. The NNEdPro group has lead responsibility for the Nutrition component of the South London Cohort Study led by ICL.


We have been working closely with Ulster University (UU) since 2013 as UU is home to leading Health Professions Schools, including Pharmacy. The NNEdPro Education Director is a senior member of academic staff at UU. In 2016 this relationship was formalised with the appointment of the NNEdPro Chair to a UU Honorary Visiting Professorship as well as Advisory Board Membership at the Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health (NICHE). The NNEdPro Chair has a key advisory role on the GCRF programme (2017-2021) awarded to UU focused on safe water in lesser resourced settings. The NNEdPro Group is involved in developing a translational research theme within NICHE linking the expertise of UU in Human Nutrition Research with other existing strengths across a multi-centre research consortium.

We have been working closely with the University of Parma (U Parma) LS9 Bioactives and Health Lab led by the NNEdPro Scientific Director as a senior member of academic staff at the Food and Drug Department as well as the School of Advanced Food & Nutrition Studies at University of Parma. The region of Parma is an important European hub for Food and Nutrition research and also houses the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the agency of the European Union that provides independent scientific advice and communicates on existing and emerging risks associated with the food chain. There are key strategic links between EFSA and U Parma.

Specialist Organisations


Since 2008, the British Dietetic Association (BDA) has been the lead hosting partner for the NNEdPro Group, providing access to Dietetic expertise, overall business support and governance oversight to our operations. As the professional association for nutrition and dietetics since 1936, the BDA brings a long legacy of national and international excellence surrounding the dietetic profession which is central to the provision of high-quality Medical Nutrition Education in practice.

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In 2018, along with the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Group, we became co-founders of BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health. This flagship journal is co-owned by the NNEdPro group and represents an important vehicle for the translation of high-quality open knowledge to strengthen evidence-informed health policy and practice.

The Society for Nutrition Education and Behaviour (SNEB), of which NNEdPro is a formally recognised ‘Affiliate’ since 2009, provides a key international knowledge link to education impacting free-living individuals and members of the public. NNEdPro and SNEB are working closely on a membership and mentoring scheme to expand the number of nutrition educators trained specifically to interface with health professionals in addition to consumers and the population at large.


The UK Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC) Group and NNEdPro established a key partnership over 2016-17 firstly to provide framework support to the NNEdPro-GODAN International Knowledge Application Network in Nutrition 2025 (I-KANN-25) based on the experience of the Food Authenticity Network which operates successfully in over 20 countries. In addition the LGC Group provides core laboratory capabilities and coordination functions to the Nutrition Research and Innovation consortium of the NNEdPro Group.



The NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health is an independent not-for-profit social enterprise, registered as a company limited by guarantee, entitled: NEED FOR NUTRITION EDUCATION/INNOVATION PROGRAMME (NNEDPRO) & CAMBRIDGE RESEARCH, EDUCATION AND TRAINING ENTERPRISE (CREATE). 'NNEDPRO-CREATE' is the legal holder of the registered international trademark of NNEdPro and its associated intellectual property.


With governance support from the British Dietetic Association (BDA), which hosts our financial operations, we work internationally via a network of partner organisations, with coordination of our activities by the NNEdPro Headquarters at St John’s Innovation Centre Cambridge.


Disclaimer: NNEdPro takes full responsibility for its own views and actions which may not necessarily reflect those of its partners and collaborators, as well as vice-versa.


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