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Douglas PL, McCarthy H, McCotter LE, Gallen S, McClean S, Gallagher AM, Ray S. Nutrition Education and Community Pharmacy: A First Exploration of Current Attitudes and Practices in Northern Ireland. Pharmacy. 2019; 7(1):27.


Laur C, Bell J, Valaitis R, Ray S, Keller H. (2018) The Sustain and Spread Framework: Strategies for sustaining and spreading nutrition care improvements in acute care based on thematic analysis from the More-2-Eat study. BMC Health Services Research. 18:930


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Public Health - Nutrition Education (Special Section 2016)

Senior Guest Editor - Sumantra Ray | Guest Editors - Celia Laur, Lauren Ball

The journal, Public Health, was established in 1888 and is published by Elsevier on behalf of the Royal Society for Public Health

S Ray, C Laur, L Ball. Guest Editorial: Nutrition Education for Public Health. Public Health. (2016).


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Barnes K, Desbrow B, Ball L. (2016). Personal trainers are confident in their ability to provide nutrition care: a cross-sectional investigation. Public Health. *


Barnes K, Ball L, Desbrow B. (2016). Promotion of nutrition care by Australian fitness businesses: A website analysis. Public Health.  *


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JBE - Nutrition Education for the Health Care Professions (Special Issue 2015)

Guest Editors - Martin Kohlmeier, Caryl A Nowson, Rose Ann Di Maria-Ghalili, Sumantra Ray

The Journal of Biomedical Education is published by Hindawi. Click here for the online version

Kohlmeier, M., Nowson, C. A., DiMaria-Ghalili, R. A., & Ray, S. (2015). Nutrition Education for the Health Care Professions. Journal of Biomedical Education


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Schoettler, C. L., Lee, J. N., Ireland, K. A., & Lenders, C. M. (2015). A Novel Method of Increasing Medical Student Nutrition Awareness and Education. Journal of Biomedical Education**

Individual Journal Papers

* Articles marked with an asterisk have been written by authors external to NNEdPro and have been edited by the NNEdPro Chair (S Ray) and/or the NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel Leaders (C Laur and L Ball) for this special section.

** Articles marked with a double asterisk have been written by authors external to NNEdPro and have been edited by the NNEdPro Chair along with the editor-in chief (M Kohlmeier) and other guest editors (C Nowson and RA Di Ghalili) for this special issue.

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Frontiers in Public Health and Frontiers in Nutrition

Research Topic: Assessing Evidence to Determine Policy and Practice

Topic Editors - Giuseppe Grosso, Alessandra Lafranconi, Sumantra Ray

The journal, Frontiers in Public Health, is a multi-diciplinary open-access journal. Click here for the online version.

Lafranconi, A. Ray, S. Grosso, G. (2019). Public Health Nutrition: Assessing Evidence to Determine Policy and Practice. Frontiers in Nutrition.


Golubic, R., Laur, C., Kelsey, M., Livesy, A., Hoensch, J., Park, A., Ray, S. (2018). The Cambridge Intensive Weight Management Programme Appears to Promote Weight Loss and Reduce the Need for Bariatric Surgery in Obese Adults. Frontiers in Nutrition


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Lacour, C., Seconda, L., Allès, B., Hercberg, S., Langevin, B., Pointereau, P., Lairon, D., Baudry, J., Kesse-Guyot, E. (2018) Corrigendum: Environmental Impacts of Plant-Based Diets: How Does Organic Food Consumption Contribute to Environmental Sustainability? Frontiers in Nutrition *


Crowley, J.J., Laur, C., Carter, H., David, E., Jones, G., Ray, S. (2018). Perspectives from the Third International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research. Frontiers in Public Health    


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Korre, M., Sotos-Prieto, M., Kales, S.N. (2017). Survival Mediterranean Style: Lifestyle Changes to Improve the Health of the US Fire Service. Frontiers in Public Health *


Prosperini, A., Berrada, H., Ruiz, M. J., Caloni, F., Coccini, T., Spicer, L. J., Perego, M. C., Lafranconi, A. (2017) A Review of the Mycotoxin Enniatin B. Frontiers in Public Health *

* Articles marked with an asterisk have been written by authors external to NNEdPro and have been edited or reviewed by the NNEdPro Chair (S Ray) and/or NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel member (G Grosso) for this research topic.