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Invited Presentations



Presentation on Medical Nutrition Education to the Nutrition, Health and Development Department, World Health Organization Headquarters Geneva Switzerland. January 2019.


Presentation of Nutrition Innovation for Global Health to the Swiss Government Agency for International Development in Bern Switzerland. February 2019.


Presentation on the NNEdPro Global Centre and UN Decade of Action on Nutrition n 2016-25. University of Waterloo. February 2019.


Presentation on interim results from a two part survey designed to strengthen medical nutrition education, World Health Organization Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland. February 2019.


INDIA 5 Year Symposium – Lessons learned over 2014-19 and next steps over 2019/20. Space Circle, Kolkata, India. February 2019.


NNEdPro Urban to rural Adaptation Workshop Programme for Mobile Teaching Kitchens. Cordia Group of Educational Institutes in Sanghol, Punjab, India. February 2019.


BMJ The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, Glasgow, UK, March 2019


SJIC & FIA Business School Exchange Seminar, Cambridge, UK, April 2019


Culinary Medicine UK – Hackathon, London, UK, April 2019


Public Health Collaboration Conference, London, UK, May 2019


NNEdPro Brazil Network Launch, FIA Business School, Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 2019


International Visiting Professorship Lecture, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 2019


Nutrition and Vascular Studies Platform launch. Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK, June 2019.


WHO Global Internship Training. WHO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2019.




Invited presentation on mobile teaching kitchens. February 2018.


Mobile teaching kitchen launch. February 2018.


An overview of 10 years of NNEdPro work. BMA Board of science. February 2018.


Invited presentation on Nutriitonal Equity and Population Health. February 2018.


Symposium on food, nutrition and education. February 2018.


Invited presentation to the Food security entrepreneurship weekend. Judge Business school, Cambridge. April 2018.


Pre-service nutrition education webinar. Invited presentation to USAID. May 2018.


Invited presentation for the Parma food security. Italy. May 2018.


Invited presentation on Implementation Science at WSRO. Annual meeting, Munich. June 2018.


4th International NNEdPro Summit. Wolfson College, Cambridge. July 2018.


3rd NNEdPro Summer School, Wolfson College, Cambridge. July 2018.


Micro enterprise launch for Mobile Teaching Kitchens. India. August 2018.


92nd Nestle Nutrition Institute Workshop. Switzerland. September 2018.


American Association of Cereal Chemists International. October 2018.


3rd ANZ NNEdPro Symposium. Nutrition Society of Australia and the NHMRC Canberra. November 2018.


Contribution to Judging Ilawara Science Competition Health Award. University of Wollongong. November 2018.




Presentation and Workshop on Nutrition Education at UCLAN Medical School. February 2017.


3rd India Symposium in Kolkata and Nutrition Education Lectures at the Cordia Campus Sanghol. February 2017.


An Overview of NNEdPro – Presentation to Public Health England. April 2017.


Invited Symposium on Medical Nutrition Education and Scientific Poster Abstracts at the American Society for Nutrition and Experimental Biology 2017 in Chicago. April 2017.


An Overview of Innovation in Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease at the School of Public Health, Imperial College London. May 2017.


Nutrition, Cognition and Language Sciences – Presentation to Cambridge University. May 2017.


Invited Talk and Scientific Poster Abstracts (with Young Investigator Award) at the 50th Anniversary Conference of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior in Washington DC. July 2017.


2 days of Scientific Conference Proceedings: International Summit on Medical and Public Health Nutrition Education/Research. August 2017.


Invited presentation to the US Nutrition and Medical Education Workshop convened by the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda. September 2017.


ESRC & Cambridge University Impact Acceleration Workshop on Mobile Teaching Kitchens in urban Slums in Kolkata India. October 2017.


Invited Presentation on the Triple Burden of Malnutrition and UN Sustainable Development Goals at the 175th Anniversary Conference of the LGC Group in London. November 2017.


Invited Lecture Series in medical Nutrition and Cardiovascular Nutrition at University of Wollongong, Deakin University, the 2nd Australia New Zealand NNEdPro Symposium in Adelaide and the University of Brunei Darussalam. November 2017.




Anaesthesia Directorate Presentation. Cambridge, UK. January 2016.


University of Parma Lecture on Cardiovascular Nutrition Updates. January 2016.


NNEdPro UK Symposium and Essay Competition on Nutrition and Nursing at Wolfson College Cambridge. February 2016.


Cambridge-India International Symposium on Nutrition, Diabetes and Personalised Nutrition in Kolkata. February 2016.


An implementation science project in primary care hydration at the BMJ Awards Panel Presentation. London, UK. March 2016.


Invited Lecture Series: Singapore, Griffith University in Australia, Auckland and Massey Universities in New Zealand and 1st ANZ NNEdPro Symposium at the ANZAPHE Conference in Perth Australia. March 2016.


Invited Lectures on Nutrition and Implementation Science, and Vascular Nutrition at University of Waterloo, Ontario. March 2016.


Nutrition Surveillance, Research and Education in Morocco British Council Morocco Workshops Rabat. April 2016.


NNEdPro 2nd International Summit & Strategy Day Cambridge. June 2016.


Nottingham University Nutrition and Public Health Guest Lecture. July 2016.

Nutrition and Population Health Presentation to the Health Policy Partnership. London, UK. August 2016.


Invited Presentations on NNEdPro Global Strategy at the United Nations and Global Open data for Agriculture & Nutrition Summit. New York, USA. September 2016.


Association for Nutrition Healthcare Specialism Presentation to Council. London, UK. October 2016.


Keynote lecture on the importance of nutrition education for healthcare professionals Yakult HCP Study Day Keynote and Conference. London, UK. October 2016.


Study presentations at the More-2-Eat Investigators Meetings. Toronto, Canada. December 2016.




NNEdPro UK Symposium and medical student essay competition Wolfson College Cambridge. February 2015.


Multiple Invited Talks and Satellite Symposia at the World Congress on Public Health in Kolkata, India. February 2015.


Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, India. February 2015.


Invited talk on the importance of Nutrition Research National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases Kolkata, India. February 2015.


Research methods to answer questions that require multi-modal or complex interventions Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health Sciences Guwahati, Assam, India. February 2015.


Healthy Eating Rationale Talk Sancton Wood School, Cambridge, UK. March 2015.


10 abstracts including one oral session. Invited speaker and session moderator contributions to a mini symposium and NNEdPro sponsored mini symposium. American Society for Nutrition, Experimental Biology 2015 .Boston, USA. March 2015.


Invited talk on ‘going back to basics’ in the context of confusing evidence on nutrient requirements and health risks The EXPO. Milan, Italy. June 2015.


Invited talk on the Knowledge to Action Cycle at the WHO Collaborating Centre at Imperial College, London. June 2015.


Invited presentation on hydration and workplace health at the International Congress of Occupational Health in Seoul, South Korea. June 2015.


1st NNEdPro International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education at Wolfson College, Cambridge. August 2015.


Invited talk on mentoring Nutrition Society Postgraduate Conference at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. September 2015.


Invited talk on the Global innovation panel of NNEdPro at Queen`s University, Belfast. September 2015.


Invited talk on how one can keep up with the evolving evidence base for Nutrition in the 21st century. EU-China Symposium on Nutrition and Diabetes Shanghai, China. September 2015.


Invited contribution on NELICO India at the CIPH annual conference Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. October 2015.


Invited presentation on breaking results from dietary bioactives research.  Seventh International Conference on Polyphenols and Health. Tours, France. October 2015.


Series of invited presentations on nutrition education and cardiovascular nutrition as well as session chairing at the First International Conference on Primary Care and Public Health Imperial College, London. October 2015.


Invited talk on salt and health outcomes at Food Matters Live London. November 2015.


Keynote talk on NNEdPro, Nutrition and CVD at the British Medical Association Annual Research Awards Symposium London. November 2015.


Invited talk on hydration and health at the Annual Research Symposium of the British Dietetic Association Birmingham. December 2015.




Invited Symposium on Medical Nutrition Education at the American Society for Nutrition and Experimental Biology 2014: San Diego, USA. April 2014.


Invited talk on strategic approaches to nutrition research: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA. May 2014.


Invited Talk on NNEdPro at Dietitians Seminar: Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. August 2014.


Invited Talk on Climate, Food And Human Health: Italian Embassy Summit London. October 2014.


An Overview of NNEdPro: Brighton-Sussex Medical School. October 2014.


Chairing at Food Matters Live - Salt Reduction Seminar: London. November 2014.


Education Sessions Workshop presentation: Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. December 2014.




Postgrad researcher session: Medical Research Council Human Nutrition Research. April 2013.


Medical Nutrition Council Symposium at the American Society for Nutrition and Experimental Biology 2013: Boston. April 2013.


British Nutrition Foundation CVD Taskforce Presentation: London. August 2013.


Nutrition Education Overview: University of Parma, Italy. November 2013.




NELICO Policy Round Table – Medical Research Council London. April 2012.


Nutrition Evidence Update at Primary Care 2012: Birmingham. May 2012.


Invited Speaker on Vascualar Function and Nutrition at the Italian Physiological Society Congress. September 2012.


Invited Speaker on Sea Buckthorn and Vascular Function at EuroWorkS 2012: Vilinius. October 2012.




Newham Healthy Food Festival and Public Engagement. July 2011.


Sizzling Science with Added Spice and Public Engagement. July 2011.










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