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International Academy of Nutrition Educators

The International Academy of Nutrition Educators (IANE) draws from our longstanding experience of developing and delivering high quality education and evaluating its impact on healthcare practices. The IANE delivers innovative and effective Nutrition education and training to the health-related workforce, both nationally and internationally, with the view to impacting knowledge, attitudes and practices of practitioners and policymakers, such that this can translate to improved health outcomes. The IANE utilises the NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel (GIP) with Hubs in UK, Canada and Australia, as well as NNEdPro experience of assembling a Global Knowledge Exchange Faculty (GKEF) in response to specific education and training needs assessments by drawing resource from within NNEdPro and its Regional Networks both within and across borders.

NNEdPro’s unique approach of combining knowledge in technical aspects of Nutrition and Health, with bespoke training in Change Management and Leadership as well as Research and Evaluation Methods, ignites the potential of education and training as tools to achieve better healthcare and population health. Evaluation, impact assessment and peer-reviewed publication of outcomes are key features of IANE’s development activities.


Knowledge exchange within the Nutrition community, faculty development and the provision of mentoring support in the form of academy membership for trainers and trainees are niche value added features.


Please read below for details on our activities and services offered by IANE. If you are interested in getting involved or supporting us in any of these areas, please contact us.

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Annual International Summit in Cambridge

We offer a Certificate Course in Applied Human Nutrition in Cambridge and also provide workshops internationally across global Networks via Blended Learning. Our certificate course in Applied Human Nutrition  provides in depth exposure to Applied Human Nutrition including basic concepts, research methods, disease prevention, nutrition in healthcare and nutrition public health and policy. The course provides an excellent foundation for those aiming to pursue nutrition-related research as well as for those interested in practical aspects such as clinical approach to an individual or population and public health perspectives.


For further information on our Summer School, please click here.


The University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education is handling queries and registration for our Summer School. Please click here to visit their registration website.

Cambridge Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition

Our Annual International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education brings together experts and speakers from all over the world to discuss how research and education can work together in making a difference in the lives of patients. The 4th Annual International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research will focus on Nutrition as a Hard Science


We engage with stakeholders and representatives from numerous countries who convene at our Summit to discuss a common goal: to optimise nutrition care in health practice through education and research. If you are interested in attending or being a speaker, please contact us.


To register interest in attending our International Summit, please email [email protected]


For more information on our International Summit, please click here.

We have proven agility in assembling a Global Knowledge Exchange Faculty (GKEF) to conduct symposia or provide training worldwide,  by harnessing the expertise within the NNEdPro Group and its scientific networks. Our GKEF is experienced in conducting regional and problem-specific needs assessments prior to designing,  delivering and evaluating educational interventions to ensure maximum and sustainable impact as well as scalability. We also provide bespoke workshops to organisations to upskill their staff. If you would like us to conduct a needs assessment and/or provide tailored nutritional training in your region or organisation, please contact us and we would be happy to provide a preliminary assessment around your needs.

Global Knowledge Exchange Faculty and Symposia

Subscribing Members (individuals or organisations) of our International Academy of Nutrition Educators receive tailored support and access to our scientific network to help implement nutrition knowledge in specific settings or contexts. Each member can access advisory services including methodology training, developing research or implementation protocols from and more. If you are interested in becoming a member of the International Academy of Nutrition Education, please contact us for details on membership fees and benefits.

Subscribing Membership of IANE

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