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The I-KANN 25 Initiative

Good nutrition is at the foundation of good health, and we see healthcare and public health practitioners as key knowledge brokers that can promote nutrition to achieve better public health.To achieve this, NNEdPro convenes regional networks across six continents, the sum total of which forms an International Knowledge Application Network in Nutrition 2025 (I-KANN-25) to promulgate high quality and scalable nutrition knowledge translation achieving sustained impact in global health systems.

What is I-KANN 25?

Image source: BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health https://nutrition.bmj.com/content/early/2018/07/19/bmjnph-2018-000002


At our 3rd Annual Summit in 2017, NNEdPro announced the launch of our I-KANN 25 project. I-KANN 25 is closely linked with our   International Academy of Nutrition Educators, which facilitates: the Cambridge Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition; the annual International Summit in Cambridge; and e-learning initiatives. I-KANN-25 seeks to connect the knowledge economy from these initiatives, to be used internationally, such as through the development of an online portal, which will encourage regional adaptations and opportunities for international interaction to facilitate learning.


Read more about our 3rd International Summit by clicking here


I-KANN 25 seeks to create a global network that will identify nutrition knowledge gaps and develop and deliver high impact technology-based nutrition data, information and education to healthcare providers within a sustainable model framework. I-KANN 25  will be able to promote translatable information at a global level and drive implementation of knowledge into policy and practice, bridging the gap between Agricultural Nutrition and Human Nutrition.


In each regional network under I-KANN 25 we intend to apply two successful innovation and change models: NEPHELP (Nutrition Education Policy for Health Practice) which seeks to change the default status of nutrition education within health systems by strengthening the nutrition workforce in each region; and our Mobile Teaching Kitchens model as a means of empowering marginalised members of society to become culinary health educations bringing together an intersectoral group of change drivers from medical and nutritional personnel to lay volunteers and NGOs all invested in reducing nutritional inequities for better population health.


The I-KANN 25 is a NNEdPro initiative supported by the Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC) who manage the successful Food Authenticity Network, and the Global Open Data initiative for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN). The Nutrition in Medicine platform is a key collaborating organisation in this initiative.


The international coordinating centre for I-KANN-25, will be based in UK, hosted by NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health. An independent governance committee for I-KANN 25 will provide authoritative oversight to ensure the long-term success of the initiative.


I-KANN 25 in CN - Bringing our 2025 vision of an International Knowledge Aplication Network in Nutrition (IKANN 25) to life in Partnership with GODAN. Click here to read the article. We have created a presentation with more information on the I-KANN 25 project, which can be viewed here. To support the I-KANN-25 thrust of knowledge sharing, we have also collated useful educational resources with key UK collaborating organisations.





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