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Hydration Education for Healthcare (HEH)

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Improving hydration awareness in the medical workforce

Principal Investigators: Pauline Douglas, RD (Ulster) | Dr Sumantra Ray, RNutr (Cambridge)

Medical Advisor: Dr Minha Rajput-Ray (Cambridge)

Scientific Advisor: Dr Joan Gandy, RD (London)

Coordinator/Analyst: Dr Lynn McGuffin (Ulster)

Assistant Coordinator: Laura Fitzpatrick, ANutr (Cambridge)

To determine the educational needs of primary care healthcare professionals (doctors, dietitians) in England with regards to hydration and health.

To pilot and evaluate an education package on ‘hydration education and health’.


Additional Information

The partnership between NNEdPro and Danone Waters aims to determine the current state of hydration knowledge among primary care healthcare professionals. This information will then be used to create a hydration and health education package which can be piloted as a tool to increase awareness.


If you are a healthcare professional and wish to participate in this research, please complete the following survey related to hydration awareness. Hydration Survey.


This work is linked with the Hydration for Health Initiative, with the mission: to raise public awareness of healthy hydration, and encourage sustainable healthy hydration habits, by sharing scientific research, educational materials and practical tools. Nutritional advice typically focuses on food intake. Yet, the quantity and quality of the fluids we drink every day can have a significant impact on our well-being and long-term health. Therefore, one of our primary challenges is to communicate the fundamental need for healthcare policymakers and practitioners to proactively provide healthy hydration advice. www.h4hinitiative.com

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