Global Research, Education and Innovation Panel (GIP)

GIP Leaders

Principal Advisors

Executive Members (Ex-Officio)

Pauline Douglas RD
Vice Chair and Operational Governance Director (Education)
Breanna Lepre APD
Visiting Academic/Project Officer
Kai Kargbo
Assistant Project Officer
Sucheta Mitra
Operations and Strategy Co-ordinator/Membership Officer
Prof Sumantra Ray RNutr
Founding Chair and Executive Director (Strategic Development)
Marjorie Lima do Vale
Visiting Academic/Project Officer

Executive Members

Melissa Adamski APD
Steering Committee Chair (International Academy of Nutrition Educators [IANE] Membership/Mentoring Scheme)
A/Prof Lauren Ball APD
Global Strategic Lead (International Knowledge Application Network Hub in Nutrition 2025)
Prof Eleanor Beck APD
Steering Committee Chair (Australia and New Zealand Regional Network) | (Cambridge Summer School Learning/Assessment)
Shivani Bhat
IANE Steering Committee Alternate Chair (Digital Engagement and IANE Membership)
Jorgen Johnsen
Cross-appointed to Ops and Strategy Team (Summit and Summer School Deputy | Technical Officer for Projects)
Emily Fallon ANutr
Open portfolio in Nutrition and Public Health
Elaine MacAninch RD
Nutrition Implementation Coalition Co-Convenor
Shane McAuliffe
Cross-appointed to Ops and Strategy Team (Science and Digital Communications Lead)
Dr Kathy Martyn RNutr
Steering Committee Chair (UK and Ireland Regional Network) | (Nutrition Education Policy for Healthcare Practice)
Kannan Raman
Steering Committee Chair (India Regional Network) | (Mobile Teaching Kitchens India Fundraising)
Ananya Ria Roy
Steering Committee Chair (Digital Engagement, Social Media and External Communications)
Helena Trigueiro RD
Global Strategic Lead for Regional Networks
Mercedes Tejeda
NNEdPro Mexico Network Co-Lead

Non-Executive Members (Ex-Officio)

Matheus Abrantes
Senior Operations and Strategy Co-ordinator/Executive Officer to the Chair
Michael McGirr
Communications Officer
Professor Daniele Del Rio
Non Executive Director (Scientific)
Dr Minha Rajput-Ray
Non Executive Director (Medical)

GIP Members

Dr Donato Angelino – Teramo, Italy

Iain Broadley – Bristol, England  

Prof Mei Yen Chan – Astana, Kazakhstan and Singapore  

Dr Dominic Crocombe – London, England

Dr Jennifer Crowley - Auckland, New Zealand
Dr Timothy Eden – London, England  

Sonigitu Asibong Ekpe – Calabar, Nigeria

Ali Ahsan Khalid – Cambridge, England

Dr Dionysia Sissy Lyra – UAE and Greece

Dr Daniela Martini – Milan, Italy

Prof Caryl Nowson – Deakin, Australia  

Prof Clare Wall – Auckland, New Zealand



2016 Finalist & Runner-Up: BMJ Education Team of the Year Awards

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