Faculty & Mentors Panel (FMP)

Full Professional Mentoring Members of the International Academy of Nutrition Educators (MIANE)



Assistant Professor Donato Angelino

Melissa Adamski, APD

Associate Professor Lauren Ball, APD

Professor Eleanor Beck, APD

  • Nutrition and dietetics curriculum development (including competency mapping and assessment

  • Development of competency standards

  • Research on whole grains and dietary fibre

James Bradfield**, RD

Dr Dominic Crocombe

  • Clinical medicine

  • MDT working and leading an MDT

  • Writing/editing scientific papers

Professor Mei Yen Chan, RD

  • Writing grant funding applications

  • Trial design

Dr Jennifer Crowley, RNutr

Pauline Douglas*, RD

Dr Timothy Eden, RD

Dr Rajna Golubic

Assistant Professor Giuseppe Grosso

Jorgen Johnsen

Professor Martin Kohlmeier

Dr Celia Laur, RNutr

  • Knowledge Translation (putting knowledge into practice)

  • Implementation Science

  • Sustaining successful interventions

  • Qualitative research

  • Writing academic publications

Breanna Lepre, APD

  • Qualitative research techniques

  • Clinical nutrition/General nutrition issues

  • Writing a thesis/Writing for publication 

  • Allergies and intolerances

Ms Elaine MacAninch, RD

  • Nutrition in medical education

  • Culinary Medicine 

  • Teaching kitchen initiatives

  • Antenatal diabetes

  • Diabetes prevention and management

  • Behaviour change communication and consultation skills

Assistant Professor Daniela Martini

Dr Kathy Martyn, RNutr

Shane McAuliffe, RD

  • Dietetic student training & CPD

  • Diabetes education

  • Science communications 

  • Writing – Blogs, scientific writing

  • Literature – Paper of the week, BMJ-Nutrition

  • Critical Appraisal – Journal club

  • Nutrition Science

Professor Daniele Del Rio


Kannan Raman


Professor Sumantra Ray*, RNutr


Dr Minha Rajput-Ray

Mercedes Zorrilla Tejeda, RD

  • How to apply for an MSc in Nutrition/Food Science abroad

  • How to apply for scholarships

  • How to find international early career opportunities

Helena Trigueiro, RD

  • Academic writing

  • Professional mentoring

  • Project development

  • Leadership within a team

Marjorie Lima do Vale, RD

  • Designing and implementing surveys,

  • Community-based interventions

  • Mixed methods projects 

  • And nutrition education

Professor Clare Wall, RD

* Panel Co-Chairs |  ** Panel Lead Co-ordinator



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