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Nutritional Equity and Population Health

The NEPH seeks to operate in three broadly clustered domains:

Underprivileged, marginalised and neglected populations – by instigating action research to improve nutritional health and overall wellbeing within such groups


Members of the public including families with children as well as working professionals – by increasing public understanding of nutritional prevention through awareness, education and training around food choices, cooking and diet-lifestyle patterns, including occupational wellbeing programmes aimed at improving workplace productivity through adequate provision of Nutrition and Hydration


Nutrition Researchers, Educators and Change-Drivers – by commissioning small but impactful projects to pilot novel ideas requiring ‘first break’ funding, guidance and support



To lessen the nutrition and health inequalities gap through building transferrable and scalable models of lean innovation and through the empowerment of marginalised populations with a focus on lesser resourced settings.

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In the UK the NEPH has undertaken a number of engagement and awareness events involving schools as well as the general public. These activities have employed inter-disciplinary collaborations and has led to the involvement of public figures to help highlight key nutrition and health related messages.


In India the NEPH has led a critical mass of work in India leading to the development of mobile teaching kitchens as a model for health and social innovation in impoverished populations, the potential of which has been recognised through recent funding awards from the British Medical Association Charities, the Economic and Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Programme and a flagship project awarded via the Global Challenges Research Fund (2018).


A future vision around the NEPH includes working more closely with other social and humanitarian organisations.

Current Activities

NELICO (Nutrition Education and Leadership for Improved Clinical/Public Health Outcomes) India - 2015-19


GODAN-NNEdPro Strategic Partnership on Agriculture and Nutrition in Developing Countries - 2017-19


Urban Slumdwellers Teaching Kitchens Project - 2017-20


RCUK Global Challenges TIGR2ESS Programme in India (Cambridge University) - 2017-21


RCUK Global Challenges SAFEWATER Programme in Latin America (Ulster University) - 2017-21


Future collaboration with ‘Madegus’, an innovative platform to further the Public Understanding of Nutrition (Parma University)

To support the above aspirations, we organise local charity fundraising events such as our "Indian Summer" and “Spices of South Asia” events to support our urban slumdwellers teaching kitchen project in India and its further dissemination to other marginalised populations. If you would like to support our charitable projects through volunteering, donations, philanthropy or corporate social responsibility, please contact us.

Featured Project: Urban Slums Mobile Teaching Kitchen


We are working with the Remedy Clinic Study Group and The International Inner Wheel, along with expert advice from specialist organisations to make this project happen. We started in March 2017 and are currently looking for volunteers, funding agencies or philanthropists to assist. If you are interested, please contact us.


The latest updates from our Nutrition Teaching Kitchen are available here.