Cambridge Research, Education and Training Enterprise Platform for Health Innovation

Cambridge Research, Education and Training Enterprise (CREATE) is distinct from the four main NNEdPro sections and represents a closely allied platform designed to harness the non-Nutrition or transferrable/generic skills within the NNEdPro Global Centre in order to widen impact.


To harness transferrable/generic skills to impact wider aspects of health and wellbeing ranging from research methods to chronic disease management as well as occupational health and well-being

Education and Training in Clinical and Healthcare Research

This initiative builds on the successful publication and worldwide reception of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Healthcare Research by key NNEdPro members as a vehicle to empower all health-related professionals to gain easy access to readily usable research methods and undertake good quality research to add usefully to the evidence base around health and disease.

  1. Current: Annual teaching inputs to the ‘Research Skills for Clinicians’ course run by Cambridge University Health Partners

  2. Recent: Annual teaching on ‘Research Methods’ to the East of England Core Medical Training Programme

  3. Consulting on research design and ethics as well as strategy and impact – a current case example comprises regular research surgeries for Cambridge Dietitians (N>70) to promote ideas through implementation to impact  – a recent case example includes Research Surgeries at Griffith University Australia (2019)

  4. If you would like us to undertake consulting work or provide bespoke training please contact us.

Wellbeing Innovation @ Work Initiative (WInWIn)


This initiative launched in Autumn 2018 is linked with the agenda around occupational wellbeing and workplace productivity but will also consider non-nutritional determinants of occupational health and wellbeing.


WInWIn draws from the NNEdPro Medical Director role as Scientific Committee Chair within the International Commission on Occupational Health.

Dr Minha Rajput-Ray

Medical Director

leadership training workshops

These workshops are provided by the NNEdPro Chair (based on training and application experience in medical leadership and management) as well as the NNEdPro Vice-Chair (based on post MBA experience in health and social care) in conjunction with other colleagues in the leadership of the NNEdPro Global Centre. 


The NNEdPro Virtual Core also includes a number of alumni of the European Nutrition Leadership Programme.


We are always looking for opportunities to transfer and use our skills in nutrition education in other domains of medicine and healthcare as well as other interdisciplinary contexts. If you find our work interesting and would like to collaborate, let us know!