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Chapters and books icon OUP Clinical and healthcare research

Edited by Sumantra Ray, Sue Fitzpatrick, Rajna Golubic, Susan Fisher, and edited with assistance of Sarah Gibbings


Oxford Medical Handbooks


Reflects the latest legislative framework.

Provides equal focus to qualitative and quantitative aspects.

Covers the breadth of information required for GCP education and related examination, including FPH.

Comprehensive start-up toolkit for new researchers in any health-related field.

Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Healthcare Research

Dietetic and Nutrition case studies

Judy Lawrence, Pauline Douglas, Joan Gandy


The ideal companion resource to ‘Manual of Dietetic Practice’, this book takes a problem-based learning approach to dietetics and nutrition with cases written and peer reviewed by registered dietitians, drawing on their own experiences and specialist knowledge


Each case study follows the Process for Nutrition and Dietetic Practice published by the British Dietetic Association in 2012

Includes case studies in public health, an increasingly important area of practice.

Dietetic and Nutrition Case Studies

Joan Gandy


Since publication of its first edition, Manual of Dietetic Practice has remained an essential guide to the key principles of dietetics and a core text for healthcare professionals looking to develop their expertise and specialist skills. Published on behalf of the British Dietetic Association, the UK professional body for dietitians, it covers the entire dietetics curriculum and is also an ideal reference text for qualified practitioners.

Manual of Dietetic Practice (5th Ed)

Manual of dietetic practice

Edited by Joan Webster-Gandy, Angela Madden, and Michelle Holdsworth


Fully updated with the latest evidence-based guidelines and knowledge

Practical and concise quick reference guide to the whole field of nutrition and dietetics

Covers the important and growing problem of obesity

Includes the nutritional science which underpins the application of nutrition

Covers the entire lifecycle from preconception to old age


Oxford Handbook of Nutrition and Dietetics

OH Nutrition and Dietetics

Joan Webster-Gandy


The food you eat has a strong influence on your health and on your chances of developing heart disease and some types of cancer. This book is aimed at people who are basically healthy, to help them understand nutrition and choose a diet that will keep them in good health. The book provides an overview of nutrition, explaining the process of digestion and your need for energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. These sections include the science of nutrition, good food sources and links with illnesses. The book will help you make informed choices about your diet, and explain how to make sense of the nutritional labeling on food packets

Food and Nutrition (Understanding) (Family Doctor Books)

BMA Food and Nutrition DDR Diet microbe interactions

Kieran Tuoy and Dan Del Rio


One comprehensive, translational source for all aspects of nutrition and diet's effect on gastrointestinal health and disease

Experts in nutrition, diet, microbiology and immunology take readers from the bench research (cellular and biochemical mechanisms of vitamins and nutrients) to new preventive and therapeutic approaches

Clear presentations by leading researchers of the cellular mechanisms underlying diet, immune response, and gastrointestinal disease help practicing nutritionists and clinicians (gastroenterologists, endocrinologists) map out new areas for clinical research and structuring clinical recommendations

Diet-Microbe Interactions in the Gut, 1st Edition

Edited by Peter Faber and Mario Siervo


This volume provides comprehensive guidelines for the nutritional support of critically ill patients and is valuable reading for doctors, nurses, dieticians and practitioners working within the critical care environment. It begins by discussing nutritional physiology and patient assessment, providing an essential foundation for planning and managing the dietary requirements of critically ill patients. Internationally-recognized authors present evidence-based guidelines for managing various groups, including surgical patients, patients with burns, and patients with renal failure. The implications of enteral vs. parenteral nutrition, timing of nutritional support, therapeutic strategies, and management of complications are discussed.

Nutrition in Critical Care

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Giueseppe Grosso


Chapter Title: Milk and chronic-degenerative diseases: main components and potential mechanisms

Chapter in: Dairy in Human Health and Disease across the Lifespan



Cardiovascular Disease

Diet, Nutrition and Emerging Risk Factors


Covers everything from epidemiology to genetic factors, to inflammation and much more – offering invaluable advice on reducing risk factors and preventing CVD, and:

  • Authoritatively reports on the link between emerging aspects of diet, lifestyle and cardiovascular disease risk

  • Focuses on novel risk factors of CVD, including the human gut microbiome and fetal and childhood origins, and how it can be prevented

  • Features recommendations for interventions and future research

  • Includes references, commonly asked questions that summarise the take-home messages, and an online glossary

National Diet and Nutrition Survey-1

Government Policy Report(s)

Chapters & Books

National Diet and Nutrition Survey: time trend and income analyses for Years 1 to 9. Public Health England.


Multiple contributors including the NNEdPro Chair: S Ray (2019).


*The NNEdPro Chair is a key contributor to the NDNS 10 year report in the capacity of NDNS Lead Clinician over 2013-18.


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NNEdPro 10 Year Compendium (2008-18)

Updated July 2019


An 'A to Z' of NNEdPro’s activities, outputs and expertise from the last decade.



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