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A Proposed Epidemiological Approach to Investigate Mechanisms between Diet and Vascular Function


Does Habitual Fruit Consumption Modulate Microvascular Endothelial Function in Healthy Human Participants?


Effects of Green Tea and Coffee Polyphenols on Cardiometabolic Function in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


Hydration and Dietetic Practice in the United Kingdom


Nutrition in the University of Cambridge Medical Curriculum – Student Perspectives


Pilot Evaluation of a Nutrition Training Intervention for Pre-Registration Pharmacists in Northern Ireland


Potential Modulation of Vascular Function Relating to Baseline Hydration Status in Healthy Human Participants in a Randomised Controlled Trial


The DASH Diet, Cardiovascular Disease Risk and Obesity in the United Kingdom

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The American Society for Nutrition and Experimental Biology 2015


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The NNEdPro group attended Experimental Biology 2015 in Boston.  We not only took full advantage of the busy scientific programme, special events and workshops but a large number of the team also presented findings from our work. NNEdPro was invited to participate in a special medical education session organised by the American Society for Nutrition where Dr Sumantra Ray and Pauline Douglas presented on NNEdPro’s experience in the UK, Jennifer Crowley on the New Zealand perspective and Celia Laur on the Canadian experience.


NNEdPro also held a mini symposium where the work of NNEdPro was showcased across themes, alongside an outline of future projects.

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