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Archive of Work - 2015

NNEdPro appoints its first Honorary Patron in April 2015, The Lord Balfe of Dulwich, a resident of Cambridge


NNEdPro Group Wins the UK Complete Nutrition 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award


NNEdPro Key Members in UK and Internationally, Win Multiple Personal Excellence Awards


NNEdPro Educational Courses Successfully Endorsed by Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP


NNEdPro Chair Elected as a Governing Body Fellow of Wolfson College at the University of Cambridge


NNEdPro Incorporates and becomes Affiliated with both CUHP and Wolfson College in Cambridge


NNEdPro 2015 Key Publications include the Journal of Biomedical Education Special Issue on Nutrition 


NNEdPro NutriCare Logic Poster Wins Best Applied Science Poster at Gold Coast Medical Research Conference


NNEdPro 2015 Impact through Presentations (including invited) at over 30 Scientific Meetings (see below


Overview of 2015 and 2016 announcements: Network Newsletter (Dec 2015) and Complete Nutrition (Dec 2015)

NNEdPro 2015 Highlights

UK Symposium and National Essay Competition (February 2015)


Covered by British Medical Association and Complete Nutrition


Seminar Series and Satellite Meetings at The World Congress on Public Health in Kolkata, India (February 2015)


Covered by Complete Nutrition


Mini-Symposia and Presentations at The American Society for Nutrition and Experimental Biology, Boston, USA (March 2015)


Click here for coverage


International Summit on Medical Education and Research (August 2015)


Click here for coverage and also covered by Complete Nutrition

UK and International Scientific Meetings

Organised by NNEdPro over 2015


International Obesity Summit – London, UK (Apr 2015)


European Conference on Obesity – Prague, Czech Republic (May 2015)


International Congress of Occupational Health – Seoul, Korea (Jun 2015)


WHO Collaborating Centre (Public Health Education) – Imperial College, UK (Jun 2015)


EXPO 2015 Nutrition Symposium – Milan, Italy (Jun 2015)


Nutrition Society Postgraduate Conference – Cambridge, UK (Sep 2015)


Centre for Public Health – Queen’s University Belfast, UK (Sep 2015)


EU-China Symposium on Nutrition and Diabetes – Shanghai, China (Sep 2015)


Cambridge Institute for Public Health Conference – Cambridge, UK (Oct 2015)


European Federation, Associations of Dietitians – Amsterdam, Netherlands (Oct 2015)


International Conference on Polyphenols and Health – Tours, France (Oct 2015)


International Conference of Primary Care and Public Health – Imperial College, UK (Oct 2015)


British Medical Association Annual Research Awards – London, UK (Nov 2015)


Food Matters Live – London, UK (Nov 2015)


European Parliament – Brussels, Belgium (Nov 2015)


Annual Research Symposium of the British Dietetic Association – Birmingham, UK (Dec 2015)

UK and International Scientific Meeting Presentations

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Keynote Presentation by NNEdPro Chair, Prof S Ray, at the British Medical Association Research Awards Ceremony (November 2015)

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