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Archive of Work - 2014

We are pleased to announce our  teaching session for medical and nursing professionals working in primary care, regarding hydration and fluid has been a success. If you are interested in further details please click here. This training is now accredited by the Royal College of Physicians. For information on the overall project please see Hydration Education of Healthcare Professionals.

Training Innovation

NNEdPro has been rated as a ‘highly performing team’ in an independent assessment by the BMJ group in 2014. We have recently published several papers relating to our work, including: Nutrition education and leadership for improved clinical outcomes: training and supporting junior doctors to run ‘Nutrition Awareness Weeks’ in three NHS hospitals across England in BMC Medical Education and Nutrition in Medical Education: Reflections from an initiative at the University of Cambridge in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare. Papers currently in press include: Nutrition Competencies in Health Professionals’ Education and Training: A New Paradigm in Advances in Nutrition and Nutrition guidelines for undergraduate medical curricula: a six country comparison in Advances in Medical Education and Practice.

Impacts and Outputs

At the international level, in June 2014 the NNEdPro Chair was invited to contribute to the United Nations General Assembly’s high level hearing on prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. The NNEdPro Group is now recognised as a UN Civil Society Organisation and the NNEdPro Chair is a consultee for the WHO-FAO Framework for Action in Nutrition. More locally, the NNEdPro Chair has recently commented on the risk of institutional malnutrition as part of a live expert panel hosted by The Guardian as well as providing an interview on BBC Radio Cambridge, upon release of the recent NHS mandatory hospital food standards. The NNEdPro Chair was also invited to speak and chair a session at Food Matters Live 2014. At the recent General Meeting of the European Federation of Associations of Dietitians, the NNEdPro Vice Chair (BDA International Rep) was elected as Executive Committee Member 2014-18. EFAD represents over 30,000 dietitians in 26 countries. The NNEdPro Vice Chair has also been elected as a new Committee Member of the National Association of Educators in Practice (NAEP)

Policy and Public

At the BDA Vision 2014 on June 5th  in Birmingham, the NNEdPro Chair was honoured by the British Dietetic Association as BDA Honorary Associate 2014 with lifetime membership of the association. This honour is in recognition of contributions to nutrition and dietetics over the past decade at national and international levels through leadership of the NNEdPro Group. This led to a visit by the BDA Chair and a member of the House of Lords to the NNEdPro co-ordinating centre in Cambridge. The NNEdPro Aus/NZ Advisor and Associate have been awarded an Early Career Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, and a Sir John Logan Campbell scholarship from the University of Auckland, respectively. Both Aus/NZ awards are linked with NNEdPro Global Work.

Special Recognition

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