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BDA and HCA partnership: Council of Europe Alliance, UK on Hospital Food and Nutritional Care (2005-7)


The NNEdPro Story


2006 British Medical Association Movement

Developmental work was conducted by founder members of the project group at the University of Dundee over a 3 year period (Dec 2005 to Nov 2008). The aim was to conduct a pilot education intervention ‘Nutrition Education Workshop for Tayside Doctors’ (NEWTayDoc) aimed at developing a wider reaching programme, targeting latter-stage medical students or junior doctors.



2017 - 2025

2017 - 2025




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Department of Heath Nutriton Action Plan, 2007

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NNEdPro Phase 1 Launched


With the movement of the founder members of the group to Cambridge University with NIHR funding, NNEdPro was established as an educational innovation project (incorporating research). This project was incorporated within the DH Nutrition Action Plan (2007), supported further by an unrestricted educational grant from Abbott Nutrition and hosted by the British Dietetic Association.

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NNEdPro Phase 2 Launched


Cambridge University approached NNEdPro, then at the MRC Human Nutition Research Unit, to collaborate on a first round of nutrition teaching for Cambridge medical students.

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The Nutrition Education Leadership for Improved Clinical Outcomes programme was initiated, May - June 2012

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NNEdPro Phase 3 Launched


The NNEdPro group continues to develop and deliver face to face, online and blended learning courses as well as training materials. In addition, particular focus is placed on developing a new educational package on Hydration and Health for doctors and other healthcare professionals to address a current knowledge gap area.

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NNEdPro Network in India launched, Feb 2015


1st Annual International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research, Aug 2015


Global academy
  • NNEdPro Australia-New Zealand Network launched, Mar 2016

  • Post 2016 Strategic Vision released, Sept 2016

Learn about NNEdPro's  2008-2016

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2nd Annual International Summit, Jun 2016

Cambridge Summer School in

Applied Human Nutrition, June 2016

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NNEdPro in 3 minutes

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Click above for the 2008-16 Audio Podcast

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NNEdPro names GODAN as strategic partner