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Cambridge Research, Education and Training Enterprise (CREATE) is distinct from the four main NNEdPro sections, and represents a closely allied platform designed to harness the non-Nutrition or transferrable/generic skills within the NNEdPro group in order to impact wider aspects of health and wellbeing. CREATE will operate the following initiatives:

NNEdPro Research and Consulting

The Cambridge Research, Education and Training Enterprise (CREATE) Platform for Health Innovation

Education and Training in Clinical and Healthcare Research

Wellbeing Innovation @ Work Initiative (WInWIn)

This education and training initiative will build on the successful publication and worldwide reception of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Healthcare Research by key NNEdPro members as a vehicle to empower all health-related professionals worldwide to gain easy access to readily usable research methods and undertake good quality research to add usefully to the evidence base around health and disease. In the near future, we will develop face to face, online and blended learning courses which will be open to broad audiences across health and life sciences (including Nutrition professionals, amongst others).

This initiative will be linked with the agenda around occupational wellbeing and workplace productivity but will also consider non-nutritional determinants of occupational health and wellbeing. WInWIn will draw from the NNEdPro Medical Director’s links with the International Commission on Occupational Health.