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NNEdPro Nutrition Week 2018

NNEdPro Nutrition Week 2018 starts with the Cambridge Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition           (14th-18th July). This a comprehensive Foundation Certificate Course for professionals in health and health-related sectors and provides attendees with an in-depth exposure to applied human nutrition including basic concepts, research methods, disease prevention, nutrition in healthcare and public health nutrition and policy.


The Summer School will be followed by the 4th International Summit (19th-20th July). Day 1 of the Summit is a dedicated ‘by invitation’ Members and Stakeholders Global Strategy Workshop (19th July). Day 2 is our Conference on Medical and Public Health Nutrition Education and Research where we will bring together delegates from various countries, professions and sectors all interested in the dynamic interfaces between Nutrition and Health.


The conference is comprised of three main plenary sessions around the theme of ‘Nutrition as a Hard Science to International Knowledge Application Networks’. These plenary sessions are supplemented by an interactive panel discussion and a final session to sum up proceedings and define the road ahead.

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