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Please download the NERG summary for further details on the group.

Nutrition Education Review Group (NERG) &  Cambridge University Network

NERG - NNEdPro Key Members

NERG Manager

Cambridge, UK

Karen Chamberlain

Prof Sumantra Ray

NERG Chair

Cambridge, UK

NERG Reviewer

Southampton, UK

Nida Ziauddeen

Dr Minha Rajput-Ray

NERG Deputy Chair

Cambridge, UK

NERG e-Learning & Support

Cambridge, UK

James Bradfield

NERG - Clinical School Key Members

Dr Anne Swift

Public Health Teaching Director

University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine,  UK

Louise Andrew

Public Health Teaching Co-ordinator

University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, UK

NERG – NHS Key Members

Consultant in Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Dr Lisa Sharkey & Clinical Team

Dr Adrian Park & Clinical Team

Consultant in Metabolic Medicine | Obesity Lead Consultant,

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Dr Jeremy Woodward & Clinical Team

Consultant in Gastroenterology | Clinical Nutrition Lead Consultant

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Advanced Dietitian (Obesity and Diabetes)

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Joanna Hoensch, RD

Oncology Dietitian,

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Victoria Carter, RD

Gastroenterology Dietitian

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Arabella Mason, RD

NERG Co-ordinator

Cambridge, UK

Rachel Keane