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Please download the NERG summary for further details on the group.

Nutrition Education Review Group (NERG) &  Cambridge University Network

NERG - NNEdPro Key Members

NERG Assessments

Auckland, New Zealand

Dr Jennifer Crowley

Prof Sumantra Ray

NERG Chair

Cambridge, UK

NERG Reviewer

Southampton, UK

Nida Ziauddeen

Dr Minha Rajput-Ray

NERG Deputy Chair

Cambridge, UK

NERG e-Learning & Support

Cambridge, UK

James Bradfield

NERG - Clinical School Key Members

Dr Anne Swift

Public Health Teaching Director

University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine,  UK

Louise Andrew

Public Health Teaching Co-ordinator

University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, UK

NERG – NHS Key Members

Consultant in Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Dr Lisa Sharkey & Clinical Team

Dr Adrian Park & Clinical Team

Consultant in Metabolic Medicine | Obesity Lead Consultant,

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Dr Jeremy Woodward & Clinical Team

Consultant in Gastroenterology | Clinical Nutrition Lead Consultant

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Advanced Dietitian (Obesity and Diabetes)

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Joanna Hoensch, RD

Oncology Dietitian,

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Victoria Carter, RD

Gastroenterology Dietitian

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Arabella Mason, RD