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Over 2014-17, NNEdPro has developed formal working relationships through Directorial cross-appointments, with the following institutions:

  • Imperial College London in the UK (key link to the South London ethnic minorities cohort) – NNEdPro Chair, Visiting Professor at Imperial

  • University of Parma (key link to Phytochemicals Lab and EFSA) – NNEdPro Scientific Director, Visiting Fellow at Cambridge

  • Griffith University in Queensland, Australia (key link to L Ball, Co-Leader of the NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel and the NNEdPro Network in Australia and New Zealand) – NNEdPro Chair, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Griffith

  • University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada (key link to C Laur, Co-Leader of the NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel and the Canadian More-2-Eat Study to Improve Nutritional Care) – NNEdPro Chair, Adjunct Professor at Waterloo

  • Indian Chapter and Academy of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (key link to the NNEdPro Network in India and its initiatives on nutritional workforce capacity building and reduction of health inequalities) –  NNEdPro Chair, Principal Scientific Advisor to RCPI Indian Chapter (and its subsidiary, the ‘Remedy Clinic Study Group’)

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