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Key Former Members

Rick Wilson, RD (Senior Advisor)


Dr Poonam Sharma (Founder Member)


Dr Keri-Michele Lodge (Medical Advisor)


Ruzan Udumyan (Project Co-ordinator/Analyst)


Mary Ghasemi, ANutr (Associate Nutritionist)


Kate Earl, ANutr (Associate Nutritionist)


Shiv-Anand Bhakta (Medical Student)


Dr Suchismita Roy (Global Innovation Panel)


Prof Alison Lennox (NERG Visiting Faculty)


Mary-T Casserly, RD (NERG Tutor)


Rebecca Lee, RD (NERG Tutor)


Carla Pearson, RD (NERG Tutor)


Kathryn Rudd (Placement)


Haley Bell (Placement)


Chloe Wright (Placement)


Ken Bell (Placement)


Dr Laura Mawer (Junior Doctor)


Manish Singh (Senior Advisor)


Dr Mike Newell (Research Fellows &

Core Support Panel)**


Dr Jane Maddock, RNutr (Research Fellows &

Core Support Panel)***


Jackie Eastwood (Collaborator)


Rosemarie Bell (NERG Clinical School)


Dr Claire Meek (NERG, NHS)


Serena Skerratt, RGN (NERG, NHS)


Dr Lauren Ball (GIP and ANZ Network) ****


Manfred Lamprecht (Senior Collaborator)


Mike van der Es (Project Manager)


Dr Lee Hooper, RD (Advisor)


Dr Ilana Fisher (Advisor)


Maureen Morgan (Advisor)


Megan Kelsey, RD (Global Innovation Panel)


Dr Christina Miglio (Global Innovation Panel)


Prof Sally Baek (Global Innovation Panel)


Anya de Iongh (Patient and Public Representative)


Emma Kreetzer, RD (NERG Tutor)


Orla Mannion, RD (NERG Tutor)


Dr Kathryn Burnett (Senior Pharmacy Advisor)


Melissa Knox (Placement)


Dr Kate Griffin (Junior Doctor)


Dr Laura Ann Minns (Junior Doctor)


Dr Colin McMillan (Junior Doctor)


Dr Alana Livesey (Junior Doctor)


Prof Lisa Hark (GIP Summit Advisor)


Prof Darwin Deen (GIP Summit Advisor)


Sharmina Yeasmin (NNEdPro India)


Laura Mele (PhD Student)


Riya Sengupta (Collaborator)


Prof Gil Hardy (Collaborator)


Kausik Halder (General Support)


Claire Connell, RGN (NERG, NHS)


Sarah Gibbings (Key Resources Panel)


Dr Jennifer Crowley (GIP and ANZ Network)****


** We would like to sincerely thank Dr Mike Newell for the design and creation of this website.

*** We are grateful to Dr Jane Maddock, RNutr for the extended development of Generic Nutrition Training in Cambridge.

**** We would like to sincerely thank Dr Lauren Ball APD and Dr Jennifer Crowley for key contributions to establishing the GIP and ANZ network over 2014-17