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Events Calendar 2018-2019

The calendar below contains information on key current events from November 2018 onwards, including our annual summer events. To stay updated, please sign up to our mailing list!

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3rd NNEdPro Australia & New Zealand Symposium: Improving Nutrition through the Education of Health Professions


Tuesday 27th November 2018, 9.30am – 12.30pm

NHMRC building Level 1, 16 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra, Australia


The NNEdPro-ANZ Symposium aims to share experiences and ideas in improving nutrition education in health profession education. The event is ideal for educators involved with teaching nutrition at Universities in particular to those teaching health professionals. This event is supported by the Nutrition Society of Australia & BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health.



5th NNEdPro India Symposium  

Friday 22nd February (Kolkata)   &  Monday 25th - Wednesday 27th February (Sanghol) 2019 - TO BE CONFIRMED


NNEdPro's February Symposium in Kolkata (confirmed) and Sanghol (TBC) will showcase our lessons learnt across

our projects implemented from the last five years, launch a video of our showcasing stakeholder stories, give a taster of a Teaching Kitchen train-the-trainers workshop, with a purpose of defining the next steps

  • Details will soon be available.

  • E-mail for more info.



NNEdPro NEPHelP Workshop at the International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare -

‘Food, fluid and nutritional care as key drivers to improve healthcare outcomes: The Nutrition Education policy for Healthcare Practice Training Package’


Wednesday 27th March 2019, 09:00am – 12:30pm

Glasgow SEC, Scotland


We face a complex healthcare challenge from under-nutrition, over-nutrition and micronutrient deficiencies alongside inadequate hydration. Individuals experience one or more of these problems during their life course and these can complicate illnesses, lengthen hospital stay and worsen clinical outcomes. We seek to create awareness around

nutrition screening and assessment for rapid management of malnutrition in healthcare.


After this session, participants will be able to:

1. Define and classify the main nutritional problems facing patients

2. Use simple, rapid and effective screening tools to detect clinical malnutrition

3. Understand pathways linking screening, assessment, diagnosis and management across both primary and secondary care





NNEdPro Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition

Friday 5th - Tuesday 9th July 2019, University of Cambridge


The 2019 edition of the NNEdPro Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition is co-organised with the School of Advanced Studies on Food and Nutrition of the University of Parma, Italy, and will have a  contingent of internationally recognised lecturers in Cambridge for the occasion.


The Summer School is intended for individuals interested in nutrition and its health-applications and is also open to undergraduate students and other adult learners. Candidates are selected on the basis of their previous experience and overall suitability for the programme.

       express an interest.



5th International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research

Thursday 11th July 2019, Cambridge

The International NNEdPro Summit on Medical & Public Health Nutrition Education & Research is a leading annual international scientific meeting in nutrition research and scientific dialogue attracting delegates who are key opinion leaders in the field from all over the globe. The Summit will be held in close partnership with the official NNEdPro journal: BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health.

Click here for more information about the Summit.



Congress of the International Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics

Friday 12th-13th July 2019, Cambridge


The NNEdPro Global Centre in Cambridge will also host the 13th Annual Congress of the International Society for Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics (ISNN) on 12th – 13th July 2019. It is the purpose of the ISNN Congress to increase the understanding of the role of genetic variation and individual dietary response, and the role of nutrients in gene expression. Main themes of the lectures will be nutrigenetics of food intake and genetic variants that control the interaction of the gut microbiome with bioactive food compounds. There will be an abstract competition for best contributions focused on these main themes. An intensive half-day training course for health care providers interested in using genetic information in their practice will be held on the 13th July. The Congress will be convened in conjunction with the University of Parma and its School of Advanced Studies in Food Sciences and Nutrition, a NNEdPro key strategic partner.

Registration information will be available soon.