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Dr Luigi Palla

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Senior Collaborators

Key Collaborators

Associate Professor of Nutrition

School of Population Health, University of Western Australia

Prof Gina Ambrosini

Chair in Public Health, Honorary Consultant Cardiologist

Imperial College London, UK

Prof Kausik Ray

NNEdPro Network Engagement Panel Co-Lead (Leadership of Engagement with Key Collaborators Network, American Society for Nutrition and Nutrition in Medicine)

University of North Carolina, USA

Prof Martin Kohlmeier

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology

St George’s, University of London, UK

Dr Sreenivasa Rao Kondapally Seshasai

Lecturer in Human Nutrition | Dr F Scazzina provides a key link to NNEdPro partnership with Madegus in Italy

Department of Food Science, University of Parma, Italy

Dr Francesca Scazzina

Director, Redtree Training and Honorary Fellow of The Institute of Clinical Research

Independent Clinical Research Training Platform, UK

Sue Fitzpatrick

Director of Nutrition and Metabolism | Prof L Luzi provides a key link to NNEdPro partnership on an EU-China Knowledge Exchange and Mobility Programme

University of Milan, Italy

Prof Livio Luzi

Associate Professor of Medicine

SUNY Downstate Medical Center, New York, USA

Prof Mariana Markell

MRC Senior Clinician Scientist

Institute of Metabolic Sciences, University of Cambridge

Dr Michele Vacca

Senior Lecturer, Course Director and Principal Investigator | Dr MY Chan provides a key link to NNEdPro-Singapore partnership activities

Newcastle University Campus in Singapore

Dr Mei-Yen Chan


NNEdPro Collaborators generally have thematic and project/initiative-specific involvement with the NNEdPro Group and/or collaborations with the NNEdPro Chair and those with key international links may have an additional advisory role in the activities of the Global Innovation Panel.

Statistical Analyses and Genetic Epidemiology

London, UK

UK India Educational Research Initiative

London, UK

Cleo Roberts

Clinical Outcomes Scientist


Dr Virginia Tomatis

Formerly NNEdPro RFP Deputy Co-Lead

Ulster, UK

Dr Lynn McCotter, RD

Head of Operations, Medical Research Council Elsie Widdowson Laboratory

Cambridge, UK

Polly Page

Nutrition Champion, Royal College of General Practitioners, London, UK

Dr Rachel Pryke

Chair in Nutrition and Ageing

Deakin University, Australia

Prof Caryl Nowson

Managing Director, Health Policy Partnership

London, UK

Ed Harding

Director of Research, Health Policy Partnership

London, UK

Dr Lisa Wilson

International Relations and Human Rights Lawyer,


Boshko Stankovski

Social Marketing Consultant

London, UK

Ananya Ria Roy

Senior Instructional Designer and E-Learning


Riya Sengupta

Summit and Summer School Alumni Lead

London, UK

Frederica Amati

Green Beat Institute of Nutrient Research and Sport Nutrition


Prof Manfred Lamprecht

Principal Collaborators

Schlegel Research Chair, Nutrition and Ageing

University of Waterloo, Canada

Prof Heather Keller

Senior Lecturer, Norwich Medical School,

University of East Anglia, UK

Dr Inez Schoenmakers

Deputy Government Chemist and Nominated Officer,

Laboratory of the Government Chemist, UK

Selvarani Elahi

Chief Executive

Open Data Institute, UK

Jeni Tennison OBE

Independent Scientific Consultant,

Ashwell Associates, UK

Dr Margaret Ashwell OBE, RNutr, FAfN

Science and Innovation Manager,

Laboratory of the Government Chemist, UK

Dr Thierry le Goff

Professor of Clinical Nutrition,

Massey University, New Zealand

Prof Gil Hardy

Chair of the Stakeholders Group for the National Framework for Home Parenteral Nutrition, British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group, UK

Jackie Eastwood

Society for Nutrition Education and Behaviour and

American Society for Nutrition

Dr Melissa Olfert RDN, LDN

General Practitioner

East of England, UK

Dr Simon Poole

Founder and Director of Bench Bio,

UK and India

Dr Manash Chatterjee

Glonet Technology and Trade,


Shantanu Banerjee

Director of Health Economics Consulting and Professor of Allied Health Economics, University of East Anglia, UK

Prof Richard Fordham

Gabriele Mocciaro

Marietta Sayegh

Formerly NNEdPro Education and Science Reviewer

(Teaching and Education Materials)

Cambridge, England

Formerly NNEdPro Research Fellows Panel Deputy Co-Lead

Aberdeen, UK

Melina Tsiountsioura


Formerly Nutrition and Vascular Studies Representative

Navarra, Spain