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4th Annual International Summit


The 4th Annual NNEdPro International Summit incorporates the International Conference on Medical and Public Health Nutrition Education and Research on 20th July, and a Members and Stakeholders Global Strategy Workshop on 19th July which is by invitation only.


The International Conference will be held in the conference facilities of the Clinical School on the Addenbrookes Biomedical Campus in Cambridge, bringing together experts from across the globe to strengthen and promote international initiatives and exchange knowledge on medical nutrition education and research. In 2018, we celebrate our 10th anniversary year and to mark this the theme of this year’s conference is Nutrition as a Hard Science.  


The conference engages stakeholders from over 20 countries, including medical student associations, medical education associations, patient representative groups and nutrition societies, bringing up to 450 delegates together for innovative discussion and lively debate.


Registration for the International Conference will open soon. To express interest in attending, please email info@nnedpro.org.uk


If you are a NNEdPro Member or Stakeholder, when emailing info@nnedpro.org.uk please additionally mention your interest in attending the Global Strategy Workshop (19th July).

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