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Network in India

Please download the Network in India summary document for full details on the group.

The Indian NNEdPro Network is a collaboration of dietitians, doctors, academics, medical and health educators, researchers, students and professional associations spread across India. The Lake Town Scientific Researchers’ and Clinicians’ Association (Remedy Clinic Study Group), based in Kolkata is the central agency via which NNEdPro manages its key activities in India.


The Strategic Goals for the India Network are based on NNEdPro’s core objectives in the period 2008-2016:


1. Medical Nutrition Education


2. Nutrition Research Education


3. ‘Non-Communicable’ Disease and Malnutrition Prevention

To read more about the activities and Network, click here read our article in Complete Nutrition.

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Key Projects

NELICO INDIA (Nutrition Education and Leadership for Improved Clinical/Public Health Outcomes)


Two of NNEdPro’s key inter-related activities are to promote knowledge strengthening as well as research capacity within the nutrition workforce. In 2014, the NNEdPro Group conducted a needs assessment in relation to nutritional care of almost 200 doctors and dietitians in Kolkata, India. The assessment, among other issues, identified a need for research training to enable the generation of local data. The exercise also brought into focus the dependency of key health workers on nutrition guidelines that are derived from results of studies conducted in the western world and not in the indigenous country.


Following this initial assessment, in February 2015, five members of the NNEdPro Group were invited to Kolkata to deliver a two day workshop in and around the 14th World Congress on Public Health (WCPH), in order to facilitate the generation of local data and subsequently provide important information to support local initiatives in nutrition care.


Following the workshops and activities, ten ‘NELICO Champions’ were selected. Two ‘NELICO’ projects were selected to raise nutritional awareness in the Indian population and 2 teams were put together made up of ‘Champions’ to implement the projects from February 2015 to February 2016.


Medical Colleges Project


The evaluation of nutrition knowledge and stress mapping among first year MBBS students in four different medical colleges in Kolkata and subsequent intervention through nutrition education and lifestyle management


Urban Slum Dwellers Project


The assessment of the current nutritional status of children between 6 to 12 years in a Kolkata slum area, to educate mothers through nutrition education workshops


Both of these projects are completed and the findings will be published in peer-reviewed journals in the next few months.

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There are three key projects that the India NNEdPro Network is currently undertaking: