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NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel (GIP) members support projects/initiatives, particularly focussing on specific international regions; GIP Leaders and Deputising GIP Members have a wider role across the NNEdPro Group. The NNEdPro Chair, Prof Sumantra Ray, oversees GIP activities across regions.


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Global Innovation Panel

NNEdPro GIP Lead

(Summit Leadership)

Waterloo, Canada

Celia Laur RNutr

NNEdPro GIP Deputy Lead

Auckland, New Zealand

Dr Jennifer Crowley

NNEdPro India Directors Work: 2016-2020 Members News

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NNEdPro-GIP Emerging Regions of Interest

NNEdPro is in the process of establishing networks in Singapore and South East Asia, Italy and Europe, the Middle East and Africa, USA and Canada.


More details will be available soon.



Read more about our GIP work NNEdPro Morocco download SR Circular

Prof Sumantra Ray

NNEdPro Chair

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NNEdPro Global Networks

NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel (GIP) has launched networks globally lead by Network Chairs and advised by Key Advisors to  support global projects/initiatives, knowledge exchange and international collaboration.