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The work of the GIP is complemented by the NNEdPro Global Knowledge Exchange Faculty (GKEF) which is drawn from the members of the NNEdPro Group as well as key regional partners. The GKEF organises knowledge exchange events and meetings in countries with existing or emerging GIP collaborations. The GKEF is truly international in its reach and ensures that there is ongoing evidence based knowledge exchange and transfer involving a broad range of medical/healthcare professionals both within and across borders. The map below shows countries where GKEF activities have taken place to date. Country-specific examples can be found here: GKEF Activities

Global Knowledge Exchange Faculty

To promote international initiatives and knowledge exchange in nutrition, relevant to clinical and public health practice for medical and health professionals

The NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel (GIP) is led by Dr Lauren Ball and Celia Laur, and reports to the NNEdPro Chair, Prof Sumantra Ray. The GIP oversees international initiatives and projects across a number of regions with the ultimate goal of knowledge transfer to medical/healthcare practitioners to improve population health.

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Global Networks

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3rd International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research (July 2018, Cambridge)

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Visit our Summit and Summer School website for more information: meetings.nnedpro.org.uk

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