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Nutritional Equity and Population Health

NNEdPro has the future vision of forming a UK registered charity entitled the NNEdPro Nutritional Equity and Population Health (NEPH) associated with a mobile facility dedicated to the Public Understanding of Nutrition, and working in partnership with Madegus (www.madegus.com) as well as other social and humanitarian organisations


The NEPH envisages serving three broadly grouped categories:












To support the above aspirations, we organise local charity fundraising events such as our "Indian Summer" to support our urban slumdwellers teaching kitchen project in India. If you would like to support our charitable projects through volunteering, donations, philanthropy or corporate social responsibility, please contact us at info@nnedpro.org.uk

Nutrition Researchers, Educators and Change-Drivers – by commissioning small but impactful projects to pilot novel ideas requiring ‘first break’ funding, guidance and support


Underprivileged, marginalised and neglected populations – by instigating action research to improve nutritional health and overall wellbeing within such groups


Members of the public including families with children as well as working professionals – by increasing public understanding of nutritional prevention through awareness, education and training around food choices, cooking and diet-lifestyle patterns, including occupational wellbeing programmes aimed at improving workplace productivity through adequate provision of Nutrition and Hydration


Featured Project: Nutrition Teaching Kitchen

We are currently working to building a Nutrition Teaching Kitchen in the urban slum of Kolkata, India. With over 1.5 million people living in 3500 unregistered slums in Kolkata, India, we conducted an assessment in nutrition and health education of mothers and children in three urban slum areas in the city of Kolkata, India. Slums are defined as areas having 25 or more katcha structures; houses barely held together with no private latrines, water facilities or kitchens. We found out that 85% of the mothers and children in the urban slums are malnourished, which can be easily avoided if they had the education.


Therefore, we would like to build a Teaching Kitchen for them. This hub would build capacity and support mothers with limited resources to achieve the best nutrition for their children.


The kitchen will also serve as a community hub for:

               Malnutrition screening / prevention

               Health promotion

               Disease prevention


We are working with the Remedy Clinic Study Group, The International Innerwheel, and Calcutta Rescue UK Charity to make this project happen. We started construction in March 2017. We are currently looking for volunteers, funding agencies or philantropists to carry out this project. If you are interested, please contact us. For more information on our Teaching Kitchen Project please visit our blog post.

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"An Indian Summer..."

NNEdPro in partnership with The Mudra Academy of Performing Arts UK, and Physicians United for Child Health (PUNCH) held an evening of entertainment for the whole family held at Lee Hall, Wolfson College (University of Cambridge) to raise funds for the Teaching Kitchen Project in the Chetla Slum of Kolkata, India.


Attended by numerous dignitaries including our Honorary Patron, Lord Balfe, it was an extremely successful evening showcasing traditional Indian Dance performances, food and our key performer, Kinjal Chatterjee, Finalist of Sa Re Ga Ma Bengal! We are thankful to all our attendees and supporters in helping us raise over £7000! Please find photos from the event here.  

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