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NNEdPro Academy - Subscribing Members

Our first cohort of the NNEdPro (Global Training) Academy comprises Alumni of the Cambridge Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition, a week-long course first held in June 2016. Further categories of subscribing membership for individuals and organisations will be launched soon. Please have a look at our newsletter for details on membership offerings.

PhD Student

Imperial College London, UK

Federica Amati

Alumni Lead (2016-17)

Alumni (2016-17)

Medical Student

Cambridge University, UK

Tian Huang

Medical Doctor and PhD Student in Nutrition


Mouna Habibi

Director of Innovation & Scientific Affairs  FYTEXIA, France

Julien Cases

Medical Student

Cambridge University, UK

Farakh Shahzad

Health and Nutrition Entrepreneur


Kannan Raman


Cambridge University Hospitals, UK

Nurulamin Noor

PhD Student European

Institute of Oncology, Italy

Francesca Ghelfi

Research and Development Project Manager  Nutrition Department, Soremartec Italia SRL, Italy

Federica Boano

BSc Student in Biological Sciences

Norwich, UK

Rachel Wong


Kolkata, India

Sudeshna Maitra Nag

PhD Student

University of Parma, Italy

Alice Rosi


Kolkata, India

Ayusmati Thakur

PhD Student

Griffith University, Australia

Katelyn Barnes