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NNEdPro represents a strategic partnership between doctors, dietitians, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals, as well as educators and researchers. It is composed of several partner organisations including the British Dietetic Association, (BDA), Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), Society for Nutrition Education and Behaviour (SNEB), Ulster University School of Biomedical Sciences and Cambridge University Health Partners (including Cambridge University Hospitals and the School of Clinical Medicine).


The University of Cambridge houses a world class Medical School, whilst Ulster University is home to leading Health Professions Schools, including Pharmacy. In Ulster, NNEdPro members deliver Nutrition Education to students and practitioners, particularly in the Allied Health Professions. In Cambridge, NNEdPro is responsible for the delivery of Nutrition Education to medical students as well as other students/professionals without a formal background in Nutrition. NNEdPro has key affiliations with Cambridge University Health Partners (recognised ‘CUHP Associate’) and other institutions of the University of Cambridge.



The Need for Nutrition Education/Innovation Programme (NNEdPro) is an award-winning and independently incorporated collaborative group for knowledge generation, translation and evaluation. NNEdPro originally arose from the work of the British Medical Association representative within the Council of Europe Alliance (UK) on Hospital Food and Nutritional Care (2005-07) leading to the launch of the ‘Ten Key Characteristics of Good Nutritional Care’ and the Department of Health Action Plan (2007) which recommended the formation of NNEdPro. This was further made possible by funding awarded (2008) to start NNEdPro in Cambridge. Since its inception, NNEdPro has evolved from a single project, into a multi-faceted programme (led by Ray, Douglas, Rajput-Ray and Del Rio) with a broad knowledge management remit across clinical and public health nutrition. NNEdPro’s Global Centre for Nutrition and Health is based in Cambridge and works across several countries worldwide.

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Welcome to the NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health. We are anchored in Cambridge (UK) and work closely with local, regional and international partners. As a not-for-profit global think-tank, training academy and knowledge network (including a research lab consortium), we provide a gateway to individuals and organisations interested in opportunities to improve nutrition and health via education, research, evaluation and advocacy. Founded in 2008 and independently governed, we have key affiliations with a number of academic institutions, including the University of Cambridge, and professional organisations, including the British Dietetic Association, which oversees operations across our virtual strategic partnership.

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